Park Jin Young Exposes Yang Hyun Suk’s Extreme Mood Swings

jyp yang hyun suk 2

Park Jin Young made fun of Yang Hyun Suk’s mood swings in a preview for “K-Pop Star 5.”

During the prologue of SBS’s “K-pop Star 5” aired on November 15, the show is reintroduced before the start of a new season.

When Yoo Hee Yeol is asked if he is unhappy with any aspects of the show, he says, “I’m not sure if Yang Hyun Suk is attending a comedy academy because it seems like he wants to branch out to variety shows.”

“He has intense mood swings. He doesn’t speak when he is tired or unhappy. While I’d be happy if he didn’t have any mood swings, they’re pretty bad,” Park Jin Young teases. “It’s because he’s gotten too successful.”

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