G-Dragon Picked as One of Business of Fashion’s 500 Global Fashion Leaders

BoF 500

G-Dragon’s influence as a fashion star is growing at a rapid speed, especially since he was chosen as one of the top 500 global trendsetters around the world.

Business of Fashion recently released the “BoF 500,” a list of people who are the most influential in the fashion world . Out of the 500 people, G-Dragon is one of the four Koreans picked, and the only celebrity out of the bunch. The only musicians out of the 500 people are Kanye West, Rihanna, Li Yuchun, and G-Dragon. He is also one of the eight people to be drawn onto the cover page of the magazine.

G-Dragon’s influence in the fashion world is already well known. Last year, he was the only Asian star to attend Yives Saint Laurent’s S/S men’s collection fashion show at Paris, France.

This isn’t the first time he’s been recognized for his style. In 2013, GQ picked him as 7th place out of 10 best dressers. Other widely known stars such as Gabriel Mann, Harry Styles, Gerard Butler, Jake Gyllenhaal, Victor Cruz, Jeremy Piven, Ethan Hawke, David Gandy, and Liam Hemsworth were listed as well.

Meanwhile, every year Business of Fashion picks 500 global fashion leaders, ranging from designers and artists to investors and businessmen.

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