Hyukoh to Hold First Solo Concert

Hyukoh to Hold First Solo Concert

The indie band Hyukoh will be holding their first solo concert on September 18 at the Hyundai Card Understage.

With emotion-arousing acoustic sounds and everyday-like lyrics, Hyukoh has been receiving a lot of attention in the Korean music industry. In celebration of their first anniversary of their first album “20,” which was released in September 2014, Hyukoh has decided to hold their first solo concert.

The band was recently a part of the MBC “Infinity Challenge Music Festival” and was able to appeal to the mainstream population. This upcoming concert will be a time in which Hyukoh will be able to perform live while personally interacting with their fans.

This past July, when Hyukoh had a guerilla concert at the same location, more than 500 people showed up to enjoy the band’s live entertainment. Because this concert is Hyukoh’s first solo concert, there is a lot of anticipation from fans as well.

Some of their most famous hit songs include “Wi Ing, Wi Ing,” “Comes and Goes,” “Hooka,” and “Gondry.” Fans are excited to see how the band will perform the live version of their favorite songs.

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