Kim Hee Sun Talks Being Drinking Buddies With 2PM’s Taecyeon and B1A4′s Baro

kim hee sun 2

Actress Kim Hee Sun spoke about her younger male co-stars with whom she has become good drinking buddies.

On the August 18 broadcast of MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” Kim Hee Sun gave an interview.

When she is asked to talk about the fact that she’s famous for having a lot of younger male drink buddies, she said, “Baro is very good at drinking too,” inciting laughter.

She then talked about Taecyeon, saying, “Taecyeon never gets drunk. He is the last one standing and he is the one that puts everyone into taxis at the end. His whole body is a drink bottle.” She then said, “I think they continue to drink with me because they see me basically as an older brother.”

When asked about the actor that she wants to act with, she said, “Byun Yo Han is good. He’s so good at acting and he’s charming.” She then revealed excitedly that it was the first time she’s revealed this publicly.

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