Han Hyo Joo Says She’s a Big Fan of WINNER’s Mino and “Show Me the Money 4″

Han Hyo Joo Says She’s a Big Fan of WINNER’s Mino and “Show Me the Money 4″

Show Me the Money 4” has many fans, including actress Han Hyo Joo.

During an interview before the release of her new movie “The Beauty Inside,” Han Hyo Joo revealed that she is a big fan of “Show Me the Money 4” and is currently cheering for WINNER‘s Mino.

When asked what kind of music she likes, Han Hyo Joo says, “I like classical music, just like Lee Soo [Han Hyo Joo’s character] from ‘The Beauty Inside.’ I listen to a variety of genres though.”

“I think I like older songs more than recent ones. I’m very sentimental like Lee Soo. I listen to hip-hop of course, as well as Hyukoh and Zion.T’s songs. I really enjoy Hyukoh’s songs,” she says.

“My role in ’Haeeohwa’ is very dark and difficult so I listen to a lot of classical music. Still, I try to make myself feel better by listening to jazz too,” she adds, referring to the movie she is currently filming in which she plays a courtesan.

“I’ve been watching all the episodes of ‘Show Me the Money 4,’” she says. “Mino is really talented. He’s very cool.”

“Show Me the Money” is a rapper survival show that is on its fourth season. Mino is currently the power rookie of Zico and Paloalto’s team due to his deep voice and powerful rapping.

Meanwhile, “The Beauty Inside” is a fantasy romance movie that is gaining a lot of attention because of its unique concept. It will hit theaters on August 20.

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