“Scholar Who Walks the Night” Reveals Official Posters

“Scholar Who Walks the Night” Reveals Official Posters and Second Teaser

After revealing their first teaser and individual character stills, MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night” has revealed their official posters.

The first poster shows the two lead actors Lee Jun Ki and Lee Yoo Bi looking into each other’s eyes and embracing one another. The tagline reads, “Don’t ever come close to me…” It appears as though their love story will play a significant role in the drama.

As for the second poster, it features Lee Jun Ki and a statement declaring himself to be a vampire that craves human blood. With eyes full of sadness, it appears as though his character longs to be human. The subsequent poster is a close-up of the actor and gives off a completely different aura. It says the same statement as the previous one, but his red eyes reveal a thirst for blood.



Last, the final poster gathers the main cast together including Lee Jun Ki, Lee Yoo Bi, Kim So Eun, Lee Soo Hyuk, TVXQ’s Changmin, and Jang Hee Jin.


“Scholar Who Walks the Night” tells the tale of a scholar who becomes a vampire and meets a cross-dressed girl while trying to find out the truth about how his loved ones died. This historical fantasy melodrama will incorporate a sweet love story along with thrills and mystery.

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