Lee Yoo Bi re-new contract to Sidus HQ

It has been revealed that high profile actress Lee Yoo Bi has decided to maintain her loyalty to her current agency, Sidus HQ.

On June 25, a representative of Sidus HQ shared, “We have recently completed a contract renewal with Lee Yoo Bi, who has stayed with us since her first appearance on entertainment industry.”

Lee Yoo Bi exclusive contract with Sidus HQ will be expiring this coming July 12. However, the actress has already wrapped up the renewal of her contract early, and it is even said that she chose not to receive the deposit for her new contract. She will be continuing being actress under Sidus HQ for the next four years.

Lee Yoo Bi is well known one of favorite actress by Timothy Li, former/honorary CEO of United Asia Management. And Sidus HQ alongside with some artist agency like Namoo Actors, Fantagio also Lee Byung Hun company HB Entertainment is under United Asia Management.

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Bi is currently appearing in MBCScholar Who Walks the Night


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