[Updated] Wonder Girls to Return as a Band

[Updated] Wonder Girls to Return Not as a Dance Group, But as a Band?

Following the confirmation that girl group Wonder Girls are officially making a comeback to the music scene, it is being reported that they will return not as a dance group, but as a band!

Various music industry insiders have noted that the members of the Wonder Girls have been carrying around their individual instruments to and from their practice sessions in order to make their transformation into a band.

It is said that Yoobin is in charge of the drums, Hyelim on the guitar, Sunmi with the bass, and Yeeun on the keyboard. It is also reported that the girls have been carrying out a band concept for their music video filming, which began on June 24.

On June 24, a representative of JYP Entertainment confirmed that former Wonder Girls member Sunmi will be re-joining the rest of the members for the group’s upcoming comeback for the first time since withdrawing from the team in 2010. It is reported that the four members have continued to prepare for their return as a band for about a year.

What are your thoughts on the Wonder Girls as a band?

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