JYP Urges “Sixteen” Members to Take Him as an Example and Not Curse


One of the reasons why JYP Entertainment has been so successful is because Park Jin Young strives to set an example for his artists.

On the seventh episode of Mnet’s “Sixteen” which aired on June 16, Park Jin Young meets the members of “Sixteen” and tells them the key to being a “good person” is “diligence, politeness, and truthfulness.”

He especially emphasizes the need to refrain from cursing, saying, “I used to curse in private too. However, I changed my mindset in 2010. I do not swear at all anymore.”

“You’ll eventually be caught one day if you try to be careful and hide things in JYP. You have to be a person who has nothing to hide,” he says. “Even if you have cursed before, I hope you won’t do so anymore after today.”

“Sixteen” is a survival program designed to select the members for JYP Entertainment’s new girl group, Twice.

What do you think about his advice? Too strict or appropriate?

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