Ji Sung Shares His Future Acting Goals with Geek Magazine

Ji Sung Shares His Future Acting Goals with Geek Magazine

Geek Magazine recently shot a pictorial with “Kill Me Heal Me” star Ji Sung, melting the ladies’ hearts with his built physique.

When asked how he keeps his body so fit, he said, “I go jogging early in the morning every day. It gives me positive energy and keeps me in line.”

In an interview done prior to the pictorial, Ji Sung commented on his own acting skills saying, “Actors trying out a new kind of role may seem like something they do to challenge themselves, but it’s also to build experience as years go by. No matter what role actors play, they all have their own little twist to it, and I think that little twist will be better expressed as they age, get married, and have children of their own. They’ll realize more things by then and will be able to connect with the audience even more.

Ji Sung continued, “I took on acting because I wanted to, so I will try best to accept the viewers’ ratings as it is. I’ll try harder to fix my flaws and become a better actor so that more people are able to relate to me.”

He also shared his idea of a true actor, saying, “Someone who can make people anticipate a great performance from him even in his 40s and 50s, someone who can touch and heal peoples’ wounds, someone who can share the pain and go through hardships in place of others, I believe that’s what a true actor is. I hope people are always wondering how I will perform in future works. I want to live as an actor who can touch minds and connect to people all over the world.”

Check out more photos from the pictorial!




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