“Orange Marmalade” Seolhyun Chooses Between Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Jong Hyun

Upcoming KBS drama “Orange Marmalade‘s” leading lady Seolhyun chose her ideal type between her co-stars, Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Jong Hyun.

The AOA member took part in the press conference for “Orange Marmalade” that took place on May 12, along with the other cast members.

When asked to pick her ideal type between Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Jong Hyun, she answered, “I like both of them,” but then added, “but Yeo Jin Goo is closer to my ideal type, since Lee Jong Hyun is a married man.”

Lee Jong Hyun is currently on the virtual marriage variety show, “We Got Married,” with actress Gong Seung Yeon.

Seolhyun also commented, “I thought Yeo Jin Goo was just a young kid, but I was surprised to find that he’s actually very manly.”

“Orange Marmalade” is a fantasy romance drama about a vampire who lives side-by-side with humans and develops romantic feelings with a human boy at her school. It will premiere on May 15.

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