CJ E&M Denies It Will Be Signing with B.A.P

CJ E&M Denies It Will Be Signing with B.A.P

It has been reported that CJ E&M is currently seeking to sign an exclusive contract with B.A.P, while the group is currently in the middle of its ongoing legal battle with agency TS Entertainment.

According to an industry representative, the members of B.A.P recently had a meeting with a high-rank official of CJ E&M’s music department, during which the two sides discussed the possibility of signing an exclusive contract. It is said that they addressed the terms of the contract, as well as the direction of their future activities.

In November of last year, B.A.P filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment to terminate their exclusive contract with the agency, resulting in the group’s current hiatus. However, as the legal battle is still ongoing, B.A.P is still signed under TS Entertainment.

However, after this news hit the media, CJ E&M responded with its official statement: “While it is true that we recently met with B.A.P after they requested to have a meeting, we have clearly stated that we are not considering an exclusive contract with them.”

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