miss A’s Suzy Asks for Fans’ Understanding After Donating Gifts to Charity


To celebrate Children’s Day in a meaningful way, miss A‘s Suzy has decided to donate some of her plush toys, originally given to her by fans, to less privileged children.

On May 5, she wrote on her Instagram, “I’m going to donate some of the cute plush toys laying around in our house to children living at an orphanage. It’s not much, but I wanted to do something for Children’s Day.”

“As the plush toys at our dorm are gifts from our fans, I am sorry to everyone who has given them to us. However, they will go to a good cause and to those who need them more than me. I believe that you will understand. Thank you,” she explained, and shared a photo of the cute plush toys she plans to donate.

Meanwhile, Suzy is known for actively giving back to the society. In March, she became an Honor Member on High Society Foundation of Community Chest Korea after donating over $100,000 USD to the organization, helping children with terminal illnesses and pediatric cancer.

suzy donation

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