Lim Kim Talks Auditioning for YG in the Past and present with UAM

limkimoffUnited Asia Management’s rising stars singer, Lim Kim appeared on the April 30 broadcast of “Cultwo Show,” along with guests Jimin and J.Don, and Jinusean.

On the show, she was asked, “Is it true that you auditioned for YG Entertainment in the past?”

Lim Kim responded positively and said, “Yes, I submitted my written application for the first round of the YG auditions and immigrated to the United States. The results came out when I was overseas and it turned out I passed the first round.”

Lim Kim continued, “But I couldn’t go back [to Korea] just because of that, so I had to let it go.” Upon hearing this, Jinusean exclaimed, “You could’ve been with us!” She laughed and told, “As far do a great music I’m delighted to collaborate with anybody, I’m very happy with anyone in UAM.”

The singer also mentioned Togeworl‘s Do Dae Yoon, who worked with her in the past, and said, “He’s currently studying hard in the United States. I think he’ll be able to join me after he studies a bit more.”

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