G-Dragon Says BIGBANG’s Comeback Album “Made” is a Gift to Fans

G-Dragon Says BIGBANG’s Comeback Album “Made” is a Gift to Fans

G-Dragon has discussed BIGBANG’s decision to release singles a month at a time for their new album, “Made.”

On April 26, the group kicked off its “BIGBANG 2015 World Tour Made In Seoul” concert series in Seoul. Along with the beginning of the tour, the group is also beginning the release of singles for its comeback project, called “Made Series,” on May 1. The first instalment of the project, entitled “M,” is made up of songs “Loser” and “Bae Bae.”

Beginning with this release, the group will continue to release instalments of two singles on the first of each month until August. These instalments will form the basis of the final “Made” album, which will then be released on September 1. Reminiscent of the style in which BIGBANG’s first album was released nine years ago, the plan for “Made Series” is drawing a lot of attention from fans.

G-Dragon shared his thoughts regarding the “Made Series,” saying, “There are a lot of fans who might not like our plan. We have never once thought of ourselves as better than anyone else. We are lucky to have been able to meet you all, and we are thankful that we have been so blessed and that we have had the opportunity to perform our music. I myself don’t see any reason to like us. It’s not like we’re on TV or anything,” he said.

He then continued, “Because of that, we thought for a long time about if there was a fun gift we could give to our Korean fans. In the end, we decided to release an album where we reveal two songs every month. They are all title tracks,” he explained.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is set to continue its world tour in Asia, the Americas, and other locales, visiting a total of 15 countries and performing over 70 concerts before year’s end.

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