Kim Woo Bin Responds to “Twenty” Co-Star Lee Yoo Bi’s Comment That He Is a “Scary” Person

Kim Woo Bin has responded to Lee Yoo Bi’s comment that he is a “scary person.”

The star of the recent box office hit “Twenty” revealed in an interview with The Star that “Lee Yoo Bi and I are represented by the same agency and have worked on two projects together, so we have a special relationship.”

“I secretly anticipated that she would choose me,” he continued, when asked about Lee Yoo Bi choosing who she would want as close as a real brother from the “Twenty” cast. “We entered Sidus at nearly the same time. Not everyone in Sidus is close; you have to have a lot of opportunities to work on projects together in order to become friendly with one another. I also became close with Jung Joo Yeon while filming “Twenty” together. So we have a unique relationship.”

Previously, Lee Yoo Bi, in response to a question regarding who among her male co-stars she would like to become most close with, said, “First, I would exclude scary people. Kim Woo Bin seems like he might be a bit too controlling; I would rather choose someone who I can chat with comfortably. Lee Junho [2PM], I guess?

Meanwhile,“Twenty,” which stars Jung Joo Yeon, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Joon Ho, Kang Ha Neul, Jung So Min, and Lee Yoo Bi, has surpassed 2.7 million viewers since its release on March 25.

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