Secret’s Han Sunhwa Wants to Work with Kang Ha Neul in the Future

Han Sunhwa bnt International5

In a new pictorial and interview with bnt International, Secret’s Han Sunhwa takes on four different concepts, ranging from casual day looks to sultry evening wear.

During the corresponding interview, Han Sunhwa talks about starring in her first weekend drama, “Rosy Lovers,” which wrapped up its last episode on April 12 with an impressive 26.4 percent national viewership rating. “At the beginning [the experience] was dazzling and new. Because I was acting with top sunbaes (seniors), it was a time during which I learned a lot. It was especially nice because my mother told me for the first time that she is proud of me.”

The singer-actress also shares about working with Jung Bo Suk, who plays her father in the drama, “To be honest, while acting there were times when I disliked him. But after a certain moment, I began to feel a sad bitterness as if he was my real father.”

With regards to what kind of roles she would like to take on in the future, Han Sunhwa says shyly, “I want to play a bright character. I recently watched the movie ‘Twenty’ and found Kang Ha Neul charming. I would like to act with Kang Ha Neul.”

But as her ideal type, Han Sunhwa chooses Kang Ha Neul’s co-star in “Twenty,” Kim Woobin. “I don’t have a fixed [ideal type]. but I like someone who is like a friend,” she says.

Han Sunhwa

Would you like to see Han Sunhwa and Kang Ha Neul in a drama or movie together?

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