KBS apologizes for using an Ilbe image during broadcast


Ilbe images are everywhere it seems. In the latest news, announcer Lee Kwang Yong, who hosts KBS internet sports program ‘Lee Kwang Yong’s Yellow Card 2,apologized for using an Ilbe image by accident during a recent episode.

The incident occurred during the April 8 online broadcast, when Lee Kwang Yong was discussing the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) ‘Champions League’ quarterfinals with football / soccer experts.

At some point, an emblem could be seen behind one of the commentators, Han Jun Hee. Although the emblem was supposed to read, “FC Bayern Munchen,” for the German sports club, it instead read, “FC Bayern Muhyun,” in reference to the former president Roh Moo Hyun. Viewers recognized this as an image edited by an Ilbe member.

As a refresher, Ilbe is a website that is notorious for its misogynistic users who emphasize freedom of speech and use that right to make controversial statements and trends. One of these trends includes expressing hatred towards former President Roh and mocking his suicide by editing pictures to include his name or face in them.

Currently, KBS has momentarily suspended the episode from being played on their website due to viewer complaint. On April 10, announcer Lee Kwang Yong apologized via Twitter for the incident.

Netizens, however, seem to find the situation ridiculous. Rather than direct their anger towards KBS or the announcer, they criticize Ilbe itself for creating these kinds of images. Top comments include, “I’m asking because I’m curious, but why isn’t the Ilbe site being removed?” “Damn, these bitches make a fuss over nothing,” and, “Bastards, don’t taint the sanctity of soccer using former President Roh Moo Hyun.

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