f(x)’s Krystal attends Bausch & Lomb fansign event, mentions there’s an album in preparation


As the endorsement model for Bausch and Lomb Korea‘s ‘Lacelle‘ circle lens, f(x)‘s Krystal attended a fansign event at Yeongdeungpo Times Square where fans could meet Krystal and learn more about ‘Lacelle’. During the event, she was said to be wearing ‘Lacelle’ circle lenses too.

Looking effortlesly gorgeous in a simple blouse and black skirt, Krystal smiles throughout looking bright and cheerful. At one point, she seems to get a little embarrassed, perhaps by fans’ show of affection, as she laughs and covers her face with the ‘Lacelle’ box.

Later on, she said, “I’ve become the model again for ‘Lacelle’. I’ll show pretty and confident looks with my eyes.”

She also added, “If there’s a good production, I’m always willing and working hard. An album is also in preparation, and I’m working on promotional and endorsement activities, so please watch over me. Thank you.” 

Does this mean f(x) could be preparing for a comeback soon?



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