Lee Byung Hun’s side updates on the actor since he became a father


After the birth of his baby son with beautiful wife Lee Min Jung, Lee Byung Hun was revealed to be staying by his family’s side until he has to go back to the States for filming.

His agency BH Entertainment revealed on April 1, “Lee Byung Hun is staying by the mother Lee Min Jung’s side to watch over her today, too.  As Lee Min Jung’s recovery is more important than anything else right now, he will be by his family’s side until he has to go to America.

His date of departure has not been decided yet.  Once the schedule is arranged, he will be joining the American filming team.  For now, he will stay with his family to focus on Lee Min Jung’s stability and recovery.”

Previously, both sides had announced the birth of their son with Lee Byung Hun additionally writing in a separate statement, “I am thankful for the word ‘family’ and it is a moment in which I feel how precious it is.  More than anything, thanks to the birth of a new life, I got to think deeply once again about what is most important.  

To give something back to the people whom I’ve disappointed in the past, I will work hard to show a good image.  I just hope that you would look at the mother and new life with warm attention.”

Congratulations once again to the happy couple!  Hopefully, Lee Min Jung will be all better soon so she can watch over her new son happily and with refreshed energy.

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