Kim Woo Bin considering ‘Male and Female Murder’ as his next film

Kim Woo Bin‘s new movie ‘Twenty‘ is currently a box office hit, but it looks like he’s already on the lookout for his next project!

On April 3, it was revealed that Kim Woo Bin is currently looking over his offer to star in the film ‘Male and Female Murder‘. A news outlet had previously reported that the actor had accepted the offer and was finalizing details, but his company corrected that statement.

A representative company from Kim Woo Bin’s Sidus HQ said, “He recently received the offer for ‘Male and Female Murder’, and he is currently considering the offer along with many other productions. He is looking over other movies and dramas. It’s too early to mention if he has decided yes or no yet.”

The film is said to be an action-melodrama about the confrontation between a detective and a murderer. Does this sound like a good fit for him, or would you rather he choose a drama for his next project?

Kim Woo Bin’s Value Doubles, Rising as One of the Hottest Stars in TV, CF, Film

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