Rumors suggest April comeback from YG’s legendary hip hop duo, JINUSEAN

There have been talks about Jinusean potentially making a comeback, and the latest rumors today suggest that the duo have decided on April to release new music!

According to an exclusive report by Star News, multiple insiders in the music industry have revealed that Jinusean’s new song will be out by mid April. The two are allegedly in the midst of working on their new music video for their first new song to come in 11 years after their hit “Phone Number” back in 2004!

YG Entertainment is currently keeping silent, not offering any confirmation about whether the duo’s comeback is the one coming up next and whether the mysterious ‘WHO’S NEXT?‘ teasers are for Jinusean.

Because the agency is so unpredictable, there is a chance that it may not be Jinusean at all when the artist is revealed on April 1, the mysterious date indicated in the agency’s teasers. Regardless of what name is announced that day, insiders say there is a high possibility that the duo will be releasing new material in mid April anyways.

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