Shanghai Airport female security guard feels up Kim Woo Bin and fans get jelly


Fans reportedly created a fuss in an airport recently when actor Kim Woo Bin was pulled aside for a security search at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Taiwanese media outlet ‘Dong Sen News’ was first to report that female fans were creating an uproar at the airport when a female security guard pulled Kim Woo Bin aside for a security check and touched his chest and waist. Reports say the fans screamed at her during the security scan and pictures of the incident are circulating across Weibo.

Netizens top comments include, “Should I change my job…,” “They’re making a big deal over nothing. Are they going to have a coup d’etat if a woman serves him food at a restaurant?” and, “I’m curious about this and I’ve never traveled outside of Korea so I ask: is it okay for a female security guard to inspect a man’s body even though it shouldn’t be okay for a male security guard to do the same to a woman?

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