Child actor Park Ji Bin to enlist in May

Child actor Park Ji Bin, who proved he had grown into a man by baring his chiseled abs in ‘Incarnation of Money,’ will be another celebrity enlisting in the military this year!  Granted he’s young at 20 years old, but he might be looking to get it over with before taking on bigger adult roles.

One media outlet on March 25 divulged the information that he may be enlisting in May, using an entertainment rep’s words as the source Sidus HQ.  Apparently, he plans to head off to the military right after his older sister’s wedding in May!

His plans to enlist had been known since last year, but he was unable to go due to personal circumstances.  Seems like he’ll finally be going in a few months’ time.

Park Ji Bin’s side confirmed this with a media outlet.  They revealed, “Park Ji Bin will be enlisting on May 26.  Recently, the draft notice arrived, he made up his mind to go, and he is preparing for it.  He wanted to go quietly without telling anybody outside, but since it’s out in the open now, he is very taken aback.”

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