K.Will’s is ‘Growing’ in MV with Park Ha Sun and Son Ho Joon

If you’ve been missing K.Will‘s trademark cry-your-heart-out ballads, long no more because he’s back to his sad crooning!

He’s just released his 6th mini album ‘[re:]‘ (the title perhaps symbolizes his return to sad songs from his recent upbeat “Day 1” or “Love Blossom“). The mini album talks not about happy love and dating, but more about longing and parting. As K.Will fans know, he’s at his best when he’s making us cry with that voice!

The album includes works composed by Kim Do Hoon, Epitone Project, The Name, and Future Unison. Lyrics were handled by Kim Yi Na and Min Yeon Jae, both of who have long worked on K.Will’s songs. The songs talk about looking back on love that’s both beautiful and painful at the same time. The title song “Growing” is by Kim Do Hoon, the genius behind most of K.Will’s hits, so they’re bound to create another hit.

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