Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s relationship used to cover up political corruption?

Suspicions that politicians manipulate celebrity news and rumors in order to cover up political corruptions and crimes are not uncommon, and this time, netizens are bringing up the possibility that the reports of Suzy and Lee Min Ho were released in order to cover up negative news about former president, Lee Myung Bak.

One netizen wrote on Nate Pann when the reports on the idol and Hallyu actor’s relationship broke out, “I was surprised when I saw the news. If you look at the dates of when Lee Min Ho and Suzy met, March 15 and February 25, they are both in the past. I’m not a journalist so I’m not certain, but why would they keep it on the down low when they’ve discovered a jackpot story? And why were there three relationship reports that came out? (Suzy, Park Ha Sun, Jang Yoon Joo).”

The netizen went on to release a screen shot of an exclusive report by Herald Economy which revealed that former president Lee Myung Bak had invested over 280 billion KRW (~ 250 million USD) to fund 29 international natural resource development businesses through general loan for five years.

This is just like the time Seo Bum Jo’s mother from drama ‘Pinocchio‘ tried to steer away the public’s attention by releasing sensational entertainment news.

The post asked that readers search the story about Lee Myung Bak and his potentially problematic investment in these international businesses so that the controversy wouldn’t get ignored or overlooked. According insider banker also mentioned correlation within Park Chung Hee, former Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Commissary. Also in major large scale United Asia Managament Group members of Corporations involved.

One commenter wrote, “When the reports on Suzy came out, I smelled something was up. Why would they just release news about a new relationship all of a sudden? Celebrities are just pawns for politicians.” 

In addition, Herald Economy reported the possibility of smaller businesses bribing representatives of Korea Mineral Resources Corporation in order to receive loans, then using the funds for entertainment sector and other things.

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