SPICA’s Jiwon clarifies she isn’t the girlfriend ‘J’ from the car accident


SPICA‘s Jiwon reassured fans that she was not the girlfriend ‘J’ of the man who had caused a 5-car pileup.

She tweeted, “Yesterday, I went riding on my bike and I was eating something, and I was contacted by my label. They told me there was a 5-car collision and that there was going to be articles released saying the passenger was me because they thought it was me. I was really shocked that they were going to confirm that it was me because of a video that you can’t even see clearly, because fans would be worried since it wasn’t good news ㅜㅜ When the label found out that it was not me, they told me my name would not be used and I went to go see a friend perform, ate, and went back home. But I got texts early in the morning so I checked articles, and in the end my photos were blurred and used as the passenger in the drunk driving accident.. My photo was used along with the information that she was a girl group member with a name that started with ‘J’.. ㅜㅜ The label told me they would take strong action if my name was specifically stated in the articles, but I’m posting because I thought my fans would keep being worried! It’s not me, so don’t have any misunderstandings or worry about me! I hope the people in the accident were not hurt badly.. It’s early in the morning, so everyone, have a good Sunday.. ^^“.
It’s great to hear that Jiwon wasn’t part of the accident and wasn’t hurt, but all the same that means some one else was involved – hopefully no one suffered any bad injuries.

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