Police sides with Polaris Entertainment on blackmailing and sexual humiliation case involving Clara


The drama between Clara and Polaris Entertainment continues.  Previously, Clara claimed she felt sexually humiliated by Polaris Entertainment’s Chairman Lee, which the agency insisted was a lie in order to get out of her contract, firing back with a blackmailing charge against her and her father.  Since then, she has undergone investigation while Chairman Lee Kyu Tae has been arrested on a separate suspicion of fraud.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed on March 16 that it sent its opinion about prosecuting Clara and her father on the charges of joint-blackmailing to the prosecutor’s office.

Clara’s rep addressed this by telling TV Report, “It is true that Clara was sent to the prosecutors on a blackmailing charge.  It has just started right now.  We have a sufficient amount of evidence.  You will find out once the results are out.”

The police believes after reviewing recorded tapes, video interviews, certification of contents, SNS exchanges, and the contract itself, that the father discovered some problems, leading to him and Clara requesting a cancelation of the contract.   Apparently, Clara’s father blackmailed Chairman Lee Kyu Tae, claiming back on September 22 that they felt some sexual humiliation and wanted the contract terminated.

Claiming to be a victim, Clara had submitted evidence to support her assertions, but this reportedly did not go over well.  After examining the back-and-forth conversations between Clara and Chairman Lee, the police decided that there was nothing in the content to arouse suspicions of sexual humiliation.

The police also believes that the father’s statement that he was willing to broadcast the certification of contacts during a family meeting and Clara’s apology to the president in a meeting with him afterwards are signs of acknowledging the blackmailing crime.

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