EXID’s Hani Shares She Was Cut from JYP and Says She Never Had Plastic Surgery


Singer Hani discusses the surprising details of being cut from JYP Entertainment before moving on to her current group, EXID under LOEN Entertainment, on “Happy Together

Hani reveals what happened during the time in JYP in the upcoming episode of KBS2 variety show “Happy Together” saying, “I almost debuted in a team with SISTAR’s Hyorin, Secret’s Jieun, and BESTie’s U Ji in JYP,” and adds, “We performed in a showcase together and I, the youngest of the four, ended up getting cut.”

She continues, “I was a JYP trainee for about a year during my first year of high school before being let go. After that, I ended up going to China to study. Then suddenly, I thought, ‘Why should their judgment of me and decision become my judgment and decision too? Why am I putting a limit on what I can do?’ So, I decided to try again, and that’s how I became a member of EXID.”

Hani also discusses plastic surgery on the show, and claims that she never had anything done. “I actually thought about getting plastic surgery once, but my mom was against it and told me, ‘just because you get plastic surgery doesn’t mean you’ll look like Kim Tae Hee,’ so I gave up on the idea after that.”

Fans can catch Hani on the next episode of “Happy Together,” which airs January 29 at 11:10 p.m. KST.


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