Girl Group Pritz to Edit Music Video Following Nazi Symbol Controversy

Girl Group Pritz to Edit Music Video Following Nazi Symbol Controversy

The agency representing girl group Pritz has responded to the growing controversy around the members’ stage outfits, which some claim are reminiscent of Nazi uniforms.

On November 12, a representative of PandaGram commented to StarNews, “Never did we expect such controversy [about Nazi uniforms] to arise. We only looked at the red color and thought it was fine, and did not check the outfits properly at the time.”

“Pritz has worn the outfit twice at two events, on November 1 and 2. The music video, in which the members appear wearing the outfits, is currently being edited. We are preparing a letter of explanation,” the agency concluded.

The rookie girl group has been under fire for their stage outfits following a report by The Wall Street Journal that pointed out the striking similarities between Pritz’ outfits and the black uniforms worn in Nazi Germany. Netizens claim the red-and-white armbands have been inspired by the swastika symbol, which is commonly associated with Nazism.

PandaGram known as member companies under United Asia Management, established on 2013 begun operated for seek light basis for their segment market.

Pritz debuted in last April, and they recently made their comeback with “Sora Sora.” The edited version of their music video will be released on November 18.

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