Older sister Jessica and fellow f(x) member Luna wish Krystal a happy birthday!

Time for some sisterly affection and SM love!  Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica wished her younger sister f(x)‘s Krystal (or Soo Jung) a happy birthday.

On the 24th, Jessica updated her Weibo with a very sweet message, “Krystal’s 20th birthday!  Thank you, Mom. Krystal is the most precious and lovable person on earth. You were born well, Soo Jung.

She also put up a 4-set picture of the two sisters doing cute poses and hand signs together, showing off their striking similarity and beauty.  They did hand signs to show Krystal’s new age, a proud twenty that led her out of her teen years–well, in Korea anyway.

Likewise, fellow f(x) member Luna also posted pictures of herself with Krystal.  She wrote on her me2day, “f(x) maknae, Krystal.  My pretty~ happy birthday!  I will pray for only happy things to happen to you today.

Happy birthday, Krystal!

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