J.Y. Park reveals his crazy schedule working on miss A’s November comeback, preparing for new group’s debut & more

Earlier this month, miss A‘s Min hinted to her fans that the group will be making a comeback this year.  Well, here is the additional information everyone has been waiting for!

J.Y. Park, who recently returned from his five night six day honeymoon, is already being quite the busy man!  Starting on the 21st, he started to take part in filming for SBS‘s ‘K-Pop Star 3.’  Starting on the 30th, he returned to KBS 2TV‘s ‘Cool Kiz on the Block‘ and will continue on the show until December, meaning he will have to participate in two shows at the same time for a few more months.

In addition, JYP Entertainment fans, J.Y. Park is producing miss A’s new music set to be released in early November!  That means within a few weeks, the fierce girls will be back.  However, that is not all.  J.Y. Park is also preparing the launching of his new group for next year!

Lastly, he is going to have a concert called ‘Bad Party – The Halftime Show‘ from December 19 to 22 at Seoul Bangi-dong’s Olympic Park.  He is sure to get super fit with the concert dancing practices and the basketball games in ‘Cool Kiz on the Block.’ He also has many various exercising equipment at his house for the newlywed couple so he could do some weight training.

A rep of JYP Entertainment said, “On top of being in shows and preparing for his concert, he also is producing for the new group debuting next year so that he has not a single day of rest . . . From singing to producing, his activities are spread over a wide terrain.

Hopefully, he still gets enough rest and manages to take care of his health as he lives by this crazy schedule!

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