SISTAR’s Dasom shows her various charms as an aspiring musical actress in still cuts for ‘Love Through Song’

The still cuts show Dasom going from a cute tomboy to a musical actress. Dasom impressed with her various expressions as an actress, especially her look of surprise on stage as shown in the still cut.

A rep commented, “Dasom plays an aspiring musical actress, so there are a lot of scenes with the musical theater and stage as the backdrop. Since Dasom is comfortable with the stage as a singer, she is doing well without being nervous or making mistakes… With the addition of her bright and cheerful personality, she is known as the ‘vitamin’ among the staff on set because of her energy.”

Dasom will play the role of Gong Deul Im, who is an aspiring musical actress. In the drama, Gong Deul Im secretly goes out wearing a customer’s clothes from her father’s dry cleaner to try out for a musical audition but accidentally ruins outfit. She shows her undying passion to be a musical actress by going against her mother’s wishes for her not to audition again and even gets kicked out of her own house as punishment.

‘Love Through Song’, directed by PD Lee Duk Gun and written by Hong Young Hee, will center around three families who grow as people as they reflect on the pain they’ve caused others and come to the realization about how lucky they are to have one another.

‘Love Through Song’ will premiere on November 4!

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