G-Dragon, Sooyoung, Crayon Pop, SISTAR, and more win awards at the ‘2013 Style Icon Awards’


On the 24th, the ‘2013 Style Icon Awards‘ (SIA) took place for its sixth year at the CJ Entertainment & Media center.  The Daesang award (or the best, most prestigious award) was called ‘Style Icon of the Year‘ and presented to G-Dragon.

Upon receiving the award, G-Dragon said, “Thank you.  Since there’s so many fashionable people in Korea, I don’t know if I can accept this award.  Thank you very much . . . I’m thankful I received such a big award. I released my first solo album in four years and have been receiving a lot of love. I made good memories all throughout promotions and was happy.  I, as a style icon, will try to do performances that contribute to the development of culture.  I thank those who have helped me with my styling.

It is no surprise that G-Dragon received this honorable award as he is known to have a unique sense of fashion and to be a popular icon in Korea.

The ‘Style Icon Awards’ was to celebrate the individuals who were like no other in relation to their styles.  ’10 Style Icons’ were chosen after tallying up on-line votes (30%), researched preference surveys (40%), and SIA judges’ scores (30%).

Besides G-Dragon, the other chosen icons were ‘Romantic Comedy GoddessGong Hyo Jin, ‘Hip Hop’s PrideDynamic Duo, ‘19+ Comedy GodShin Dong Yup, ‘Strongest Music Among Girl GroupsSISTAR, ‘Child Actor to Man Yeo Jin Goo, ‘21st Century Pure ManLee Jong Suk, ‘Porter IconLee Seo Jin, ‘Homme FataleJung Woo Sung, and ‘Queen of Snowy CountryTilda Swinton.  Crayon Pop was chosen as ‘New Icon.’

Last but not least, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung won the ‘Best K-Style‘ award.

The ‘2013 SIA’ was broadcast through many Korean networks, such as tvN and Mnet, and were also broadcast in eleven different countries, such as America and Australia.

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