Still photos of Hello Venus’ Nara on set for “Sorry that I’m Sorry” MV gains attention

Hello Venus‘ Nara, who starred in Kim Jing Pyo‘s music video for “Sorry that I’m Sorry“, is attracting attention for the beautiful still photos of her taken on set.

On July 2nd, a post titled “Photos of Nara looking like a mannequin in Kim Jin Pyo’s music video” surfaced on an online community bulletin board.

Nara can be seen showing off her mannequin-like features with her small face and long legs as she records for the music video of Kim Jin Pyo’s 6th album’s title song “Sorry that I’m Sorry”, which was released on June 29th.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Her body is amazing“, “Her face is so small“, “Her face and body are like Venus“, and “It looks like a mannequin is walking around“.

Kim Jin Pyo’s 6th album ‘Sorry that I’m Sorry’ marked his return into the music industry after a long four-year hiatus. Nara stars as the female lead character for the music video for “Sorry that I’m Sorry” in which she displayed her charm and beauty. Furthermore, the music video has been unsurprisingly gaining a lot of views on music video sharing websites.

Despite being a newcomer, Nara has already been involved in multiple sectors of the entertainment industry including advertisement, photoshoots, and music videos.

In related news, Hello Venus is set to make a comeback on July 4th.

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