SISTAR’s Hyorin confesses she wanted to undergo plastic surgery

SISTAR‘s Hyorin has expressed her previous desire to undergo plastic surgery.

On a recent broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, the MCs asked Hyorin, “Which part of your face do you want to fix the most?

Without skipping a beat, Hyorin responded honestly saying, “I want to fix my whole face.

Hyorin further confessed that she had even attempted to do so in the past, as she continued, “Honestly, prior to my debut, there was a time when I went to three different plastic surgeons with a representative from our companyBut they all told us the same thing. They said that because my facial features fit well together now, if I fix one part of it, it will make my face weird and I will have to consequently fix 10 different areas. They told me to be satisfied with the face I have now.

I wanted to stand before the public with a pretty face, but our company won’t let us get plastic surgery,” the singer added.

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