Shin Se Kyung releases “You Were Sweet” feat. Indie band Sweden Laundromat

Actress Shin Se Kyung, who has long wished to release her very own song, is making her dream come true for she has made her singing debut with a new ballad single, “You Were Sweet“!

Auditions were held in search of a band for Shin Se Kyung to record with, and the members of band ‘Sweden Laundromat‘ were selected from 200 contestants.

The actress and the Sweden Laundromat members also happen to be the same age, and their thoughts and outlooks on love are also very similar, making this a very sweet collaboration.

The song itself is a medium-tempo ballad track, and the accordion melody along with the acoustic guitar sound will leave listeners wanting to sit back as they listen while sipping on a cup of coffee. The song sings of a woman’s bashful love confession, and Sweden Laundromat’s vocal harmonization paired with Shin Se Kyung’s sweet voice makes the song a pleasant and easy listen.

Check out the MV below!

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