BoA’s ‘ideal type’ Yoo Ah In rumored to play lead role in her MV

A recent spotting of BoA and actor Yoo Ah In is creating quite the buzz amongst fans online.

Eagle-eyed netizens have been reporting via social networking sites that they recently spotted singer BoA and actor Yoo Ah In filming together in Hongdae.

According to an industry insider, BoA is busy preparing for her first comeback in two years and Yoo Ah In has been selected as the main lead in her upcoming Music Video.

This news is drawing major attention as BoA previously revealed Yoo Ah In to be her ideal type on a recent episode of ‘Win Win‘.

I like Yoo Ah In,” the singer said. “I like neat, clean-cut guys that are also tall. I would like it if he was into music.”

Netizens who heard the news responded saying, “They look good together“, “Is she finally getting to work with her ideal type?”, and more.

In related news, BoA who has not released a new album in Korea for the past two years most recently served as a judge on SBS survival audition program, ‘K-Pop Star‘.

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