Wonder Girls prove their popularity despite tough competition

It seems that the Wonder Girls‘ title as the ‘Nation’s Girl Group‘ is still going strong as they’re continuing to top download charts with their latest single, “Like This”.

Immediately upon release, f(x)‘s “Electric Shock” and Big Bang‘s “Monster” occupied the top spots on real-time music charts. Despite the tough competition, the Wonder Girls regained the number 1 spot earlier today on Melon‘s real-time chart.

After Wonder Girls’ “Like This” and Big Bang’s “Monster” were both released on June 3rd, they have both been maintaining the top two spots on the charts. Although f(x)’s “Electric Shock” pushed its way up the ranks upon release, “Like This” once again took #1 on the charts, showing that many fans are giving them continual support.

This may be because while f(x) and Big Bang’s respective singles are a bit more complex in composition and meaning, Wonder Girls’ “Like This” was composed and produced by J.Y. Park, whose distinct style lead him to create yet another single that is a combination of a catchy, simple melody and straightforward lyrics. Furthermore, as the Wonder Girls continue with their characteristically fun and lively performances, their future on the charts continue to look rosy.

This is the first time J.Y. Park has written and composed a hip hop tune for the Wonder Girls. “Like This” combines an electric sound and a hip hop beat, creating a song that carries a pleasant and cheerful feeling.

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