Siwan and Dongjun bring in the Busan fans for ZE:A

Ahead of the launch of their nationwide showcase tour, the members of ZE:A have been enjoying the ecstatic support of their fans in Busan.

On June 13th, United Asia Management revealed that they received as many as 1,000 requests once ZE:A revealed that they would be personally delivering snacks to a school in Busan. Not only that, but they’re also receiving numerous calls from other locations double checking whether the boys are really coming to their city for their showcase tour.

The company suspects that the group’s two Busan members, Siwan and Dongjun, has a lot to do with their soaring popularity in the city.

As previously reported, this is just one of their many ‘fighting projects’ they’re running ahead of their official comeback. The members will be visiting schools with special events starting with Busan on June 15th and traveling to Daegu on the 16th, Gwangju on the 17th, Daejun on the 22nd, and Bucheon on the 23rd.

Their official comeback has been confirmed for early July.

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