SISTAR, LeeSSang, and PSY to stand on the same stage for ‘StayG’ concert

Girl group SISTAR, hip hop duo LeeSSang, and singer PSY will be standing on the same stage.

The three artists will be launching the ‘StayG‘ concert series for online shopping mall Gmarket at Jamsil Stadium on June 23rd.

Their names alone are enough to draw public interest, but the show is garnering further attention as ‘Brave Rascals‘ members Shin BoraPark Sung Kwang, and Jung Tae Ho will also be opening for the performance.

An insider remarked, “Psy himself is a well-known brand of the concert world- he requires no introduction or explanation.”

He personally participated in planning and directing this concert, and he is preparing to show his audience the greatest show ever,” the rep continued. ”The collaboration of LeeSSang and SISTAR can come off a bit awkward, but as far as vocal and musical talent goes, they are the some of the greatest groups of Korea.”

We hope everyone will enjoy the harmony of these musicians,” the rep added. “The fresh stage of ‘Brave Rascals’ will add to the fun of the show as well.

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