So Ji Sub defends Lee Yeon Hee’s acting

Actor So Ji Sub recently commented on his fellow company mate SBS‘s ‘Phantom‘ partner, Lee Yeon Hee, in response to viewers’ criticism of her acting.

On the 12th, SBS’s Ilsan production center held a press conference for ‘Phantom’, in which So Ji Sub,Lee Yeon HeeUm Ki Joon, and Kwak Do Won were present.

During the press conference, So Ji Sub stated, “There are times when I can’t understand certain responses that viewers have to certain parts of the drama. While filming scenes with Lee Yeon Hee, I don’t feel the awkwardness. However, it seems viewers seem to feel awkward watching Lee Yeon Hee’s acting. This is unfortunate because on the set, I don’t feel that Lee Yeon Hee’s acting is awkward. I hope viewers will watch with kinder gazes.

Currently, Lee Yeon Hee plays the ulzzang cyber policewoman Yoo Gang Mi in the drama, while So Ji Sub takes charge as the leader of the cyber investigation team, Kim Woo Hyun.

‘Phantom’ is a drama concerning the cyber police and delivers an intense warning to the inappropriate use of the cyber world. It is written by Kim Eun Hee, who has also written the popular 2011 drama ‘Sign’ that started the crime drama syndrome. Her current work is now receiving public favor as well.

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