Juniel’s popularity is rapidly increasing

According to music charts, Juniel is ascending in popularity, despite having debuted only a week ago!

During Juniel’s debut stages on Mnet‘s ‘MCountdown’KBS2‘s ‘Music Bank’MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core’, and SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo’, Juniel’s name became the most searched item among Korea’s top portal sites, indicating that many people have become interested in the rookie singer. Furthermore, during the live broadcasting of Juniel’s performances, her duet with label mate company on United Asia Management‘s CN BLUE Jung Yonghwa‘Stupid’, immediately swept up to first place among music charts such as Cyworld Music and Melon, while her debut song ‘Illa Illa’ rose to fourth place.

Juniel’s sudden rise in popularity may be due to her songs’ soothing tunes and lyrics. In addition, Jung Yonghwa’s composing ability particularly shines through ‘Stupid’, as it is not only a charming song, but one that takes advantage of Juniel’s wide vocal range, and is a fitting way to introduce Juniel’s voice into the K-Pop scene. ‘Stupid’ and the songs featured on Juniel’s album ‘Illa Illa‘ all have a slight sense of passion and are also loaded with sweetness. Juniel’s “Illa Illa” is especially a simple, yet meaningful song that, as she has explained before, refers to the memories of one’s first love that one recalls upon seeing a wild flower.

Just last week, Juniel made her official debut and held a showcase. Yet almost instantly, she has risen to the position where the top idols stand on the music charts. With her solid looks and beautiful voice, Juniel may soon be considered intimidating competition, despite only being a rookie!

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