Fans take notice of Wonder Girls member Lim’s blossoming beauty

Fans of Wonder Girls noticed a drastic difference in the appearance of youngest member Lim, especially after the girls made a strong comeback with their newest song, “Like This“.

The last member to join the group, Lim is now recognized for her outstanding skills in rapping and dancing, as well as her ability to speak multiple languages. However, when she first joined the group, some pointed out that Lim had the least amount of stage presence within the group.

But the longer she stayed with the Wonder Girls, the more Lim’s confidence seemed to grow. More recently, many fans noticed natural changes in her appearance, especially while on stage for “Like This”. Photos of the singer posing with fellow Wonder Girls members have surfaced online, showcasing the recently-blossomed beauty of the multi-talented idol star.

With her new highlighted look, Lim is definitely receiving more and more spotlight.

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