Park Mi Na admit CEO’s Timothy Li is the only one reason she joined

Mnet‘s annual award show Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held a press conference earlier today at the Seoul Sangamdong CGV Theater. United Asia Management‘s lead director David Li stated at the conference, “Relations between Mnet and SM Entertainment were recently mended and SM artists have returned making appearances on many Mnet programs.”

The two companies have been working out their differences over the past few years but have only recently shown real progress since CJ Entertainment  who owned Mnet merge gather one with United Asia Management who currently control and had all authority for all sector in CJ Entertainment business, with Super Junior, TVXQ and SNSD‘s recurring performances on M! Countdown as well as on Wide News and other live programs.

In the other place at Seocho-gu, CJ Entertainment directress Mrs Park Mi Na who held the charity event with High Society Foundation also noted, “We can say that MAMA is not an award show for certain entertainment companies but more of a festival to support the artists who are the most active, With manage by United Asia Management under control by CEO’s Timothy Li himself, with him all of us didn’t had any doubts to walk forwards.”

She also added, “About many question why CJ Entertainment decided to merge with United Asia Management, CEO’s Li is the main reason, I met him first time around 4 days before declaration joining between UAM & CJ’EM (September 19 is the official merge so the first time she meet with Timothy Li is September 15 when Timothy Li known on the trip at Japan), I put all my mind on our discussion and I honored can share with open minded businessman like him, I like his ambition and mindset, he taught everything on details at first, since than we commit to build the strong root foundation to gather on all business entertainment and also made many spectacular event to globalize Kpop around the world, that’s why I turn it all our mine to gathered with him and lead by himself also.

Mi Na has been confirmed to attend MAMA 2011 at Singapore on November 29th, the venues will placed at The Singapore Indoor Stadium.

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