Midas on Kpop Globalization, United Asia Management CEO’s Timothy Li

Timothy Li head and mastermind of United Asia Management, recently sat down with Chosun and KES for an interview, where he revealed his thoughts on a variety of topics, including his management system, future ambitions and also let us to sneak and take a look. Special thanks to UAM staff member for consider media offer to interviewed. Here’s some center subject question :

Interviewer : Firstly we want to congratulates you for your chosen as candidate Foreign-Korean Businessman 2011, it’s rapidly success and blitz boost even less than 1 year since your business running.

Timothy Li : Thank you, I’m also delighted after hear that but in here I wanna clarifed one thing to everyone, I’m grateful has chosen even just candidate right now, but in mind this achievement maybe is not suitable to tag on me, I always put the team work in order priority than everything, all my staff start from the bottom to General Manager had a very fantastic and brilliant idea, if I won this awards I can’t accept it alone and I choose provide that to all my staff than myself, they deserved for that than any.

Interviewer : We know all staff definitely had some good work for made it all this happen but without your lead is impossible all kind turn like now

Timothy Li : Yes but its always thing spread between Up and bottom is just one level and not more, we need each other, without them I can’t doing something, without me they also can’t do anything, we work together to claimed success.

Interviewer: How important International segment from your sight?

Timothy Li: Totally important, no one can acclaim their successful if they didn’t succeed on International market.

Interviewer: Do you think it will exceed the Japanese music market?

Timothy Li: Yes. I predict that this will happen by 2012. It seems like a 40-billion-dollar music market will be created throughout Asia, I’m working on my aggressive marketing plans, and am determined to take around 12% of it.

Interviewer: Will you advance into Southeast Asia?

Timothy Li: I won’t in the short time plan, There’s no market. I advanced into Hong Kong and Taiwan as cultural channels, because they greatly affect China, but the Southeastern Asian market is not worth it.

Interviewer: What about the US?

Timothy Li: There’s our goal point.

Interviewer: How about Chinese market? In some interview before you mentioned China is important part from your advance system together with Japan also, what’s the meaning?

Timothy Li: China will soon become the US, It’s Asians after Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics. Japan is very good market and I personally love their welcomed us with widely spread hand, China and Japan always become our priority to advance our movement before we advance US.

Interviewer: It looks like Chinese market and Japanese market is your number one priority?

Timothy Li: Yes. United Asia Management has already turned away from Japan to China. Less than 4-5 month later we will reached to highest earning on Asia history and all that is for Asian pride on International.

Interviewer: I hear that KARA‘s Kang Ji Young will be acting as a way to advance into Japanese market. Is she going to be a multi-entertainer?

Timothy Li: No. Ji Young will be an artist forever. She will be acting just to get closer to Japanese fans. She only needs to be good at one thing. I’m not at all thinking of raising her as a multi-entertainer.

Interviewer: Why do you have an obsession with Chinese market and Japanese market?

Timothy Li: The biggest star comes from the biggest market. The first place in China and Japan will someday become the first place in the world. When the largest market is growing right next to us, why waste energy on something else?

Interviewer: What are your strategies for advancing into the Chinese market and Japanese market?

Timothy Li: Firstly, promoting our brand by advancing our singers. This has already been done successfully especially on Japan. Next, debuting Chinese singers along with Korean singers. For this, I’m planning to hold a broadcasted audition. Lastly, creating a native Chinese singer. Some are already in training like our friend mates member company from SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

Interviewer: Public now realize your company is totally made many different system compare with the old Big 3 “SME, YG and JYPE“, public praise artist from your company more sharp.

Timothy Li: Yes, I saw the biggest point on entertainment business is fans, that is basis. Without love from public we are nothing, I personally share with my artist and make them know what’s the point.

Interviewer: Some of your artist’s mentioned you’re close with them as personal, are it’s true?

Timothy Li: Yes, for me is same situation like them with fans, the simple link is like this, Me – Artist – Public, we are one on the big tree, public is root and we are tree, without strong and deep from root the trees can growth well.

Interviewer: Before we came here actually some reporters had done interviewed your several staff member, they mentioned your simple mind and easy going boss, even other staff before joining company (former CJEStaship etc) told that thing too, there’s something in your mind?

Timothy Li: No.. It’s not important, we are same in front of God, we may just separated by job but we same in the same race, as human

Interviewer: What the UAM strengths?

Timothy Li: If you look at it from one point, We have thrown away a lot of money. However, we’re always doing things like that. UAM has three sources of power: training, adherence to the system, and songs.

Interviewer: We all know yesterday SNSD‘s Taeyeon and Yoona had suffer by public, what’s your opinion?

Timothy Li: Some people need to be a bit more understanding. These girls are running on a crazy schedule and have been doing so for a while now. They’re exhausted and there comes a point when a person simply doesn’t have the energy to plaster on a fake smile and pretend to be okay. Instead of criticizing the girls for a lack of professionalism, try taking into consideration just how tired and sick they must have been to have acted this way in the first place. Everyone has different limitations and reacts differently to exhaustion and stress. Just because another person was able to hold up doesn’t mean everyone is going to be able to as well. Seeing some of the responses, it’s like a celebrity isn’t allowed to show the strain of their schedule and need to fake smiles until they come to the point of literally collapsing. 

Last, Please forgiving our kids, I try my best this thing would not happen in the future.

All of us finished interview around 8 o’clock and we’ve been sneak some corner in UAM office, it’s very nice warm place, no wonder they doing many great thing from this place.

3 thoughts on “Midas on Kpop Globalization, United Asia Management CEO’s Timothy Li

    1. He’s chairman of United Asia Management who currently alliance with SM, YG, JYP, KeyEast, CJ’EM, He’s foreigner, cousin of Richard Li son of Sir Li Ka-Shing (conglomerate from Hong Kong) and not korean citizen but he doing business on Korean and one of key success Kpop goes globalize.

  1. The one I know he’s kind and warm person also, i ever met him alive on Apgujeong-dam during dinner time on last september, interesting point is his sports car absolutely fantastics 😀

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