Timothy Li revealed lifestory at KBS Interview May 9, 2011


Manual scripts of High Society/United Asian Management CEO Timothy Li Interviewed at KBS studio and Host by Kim Yong Man, Kim Won Hee and Guest MC Minho (Shinee) 9 May 2011, not a full script but selection questions has been selected.

KBS : Good evening Director, an honorary willing take the time to attend our events and accepted our invitation midst tonight

Li : Thank you and good night all attendees and public Korean who I loved, happy can see you all tonite

KBS: Director how does today? We heard you are very busy and attend many events, so we happy you could be in the midst of our current invitation

Li : I am happy to be here and shake everyone tonight, in this evening just completely bless my new house and attend events at Lotte recently before came here

KBS : Thank you Director, glad and feel awful you can understand where are we came from

Li : No problem at all

KBS : Director we heard about your large project with SM Entertainment to build Theme Park, how’s progress that things?

Li : So far its good but until now we are not yet sitting together with to talk further about because our partners in Hong Kong still had agenda in many events this week, so we planned it that happen in tuesday next week

KBS : Glad to hear that, Director we had something therefore, May we ask?

Li : It’s ok

KBS : Director how’s your opinion about Entertainment Industry in Korean as a basic you decide to build large corporation here?

Li : Korean have many things within source, system, audience and also talents, I agreed in Asia’s Korea is leading Entertainment Industry, that’s more than enough to explain

KBS : Director, what’s your Korean favorites actor and actress?

Li : I like Dong-Gun (Jang) and Ji-Woo (Choi), both of them is excellent talent in my opinion

KBS : Wow I bet both of them happy if they heard your statement tonight

Li : They deserved for that

KBS : In recent years Korean had many movies drama, are you ever seen that seriously Director?

Li : Yes of course

KBS : What’s your most fave?

Li : (thinking) I think it’s a lot, hard to tell the most

KBS : Ok make it ease pick a best of three

Li : (thinking) Stairway to Heaven, East of Eden and IRIS

KBS : Very good Director, that also from 3 broadcast television (laughing)

Li : (big smile) I certaintly didn’t mean that before

KBS : There’s many Boygroup and Girlgroup in Korea, that slightly concerned or overtuned?

Li : I think thats a good effort and base from that build a challenge for good reason to present nice performance and show for people and fans out there, as long we together growing up in same nation. I bet it’s definitely good idea and there’s no negative subject at all for sure

KBS : Yes, What’s your fave group boy and girl, pick one from that

Li : For boygroup i think “SuJu” (Super Junior) even I also loved “December” (Korean Duo) and girlgroup WG (Wonder Girls) with “Big Mama” (Jazz girl group), (smile)

KBS : Very good, It’s look like you very known them, it’s surprise Director

KBS : How about Miss A?? (laughing)

Li : I think they had good change in the future, just ask Mr Park Jin-Young to create a great songs for that group so it’s enough (smile)

JYP : (laughing) I’ve already wrote down on my note sir

KBS & Li : (laughing)

KBS : How’s your opinion about Jeju Island?

Li : Jeju is a beautiful island and I appreciates a lot the beauty of nature in Jeju Island

KBS : What’s the best island in the world from your opinion?

Li : Bali Island

KBS : (laughing) we respect a lot Director, you still had anything about that (smile)

Li : Of course (smile)

KBS : Director, at first we surprised when known your College results score, its claimed top 10 highest score in University of Melbourne. Its outstanding for Asian student ever there.

Li : Yes. I only know to doing the best, neither result will find their way home.

KBS : Great.. Inspiring a lot

KBS : With all yours Its very ease to find someone along with you, how’s?

Li : For simple relations your subject my answer is “Yes, it’s easy” but this moment I don’t want a simple relations, in my family we don’t have space to make it that easily. No room for that exist. In fact not easy to get along well.

KBS : Are it’s must from Chaebol family?

Li : Not like that, its not depends by that subject, totally depends my life privately

KBS : Director we really wanted to Thank U for attending our show, We wish you very well in the future.

Li : I’m grateful to be here and Thank u everyone, Have a good night.

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